RNC CIGRE membership is aimed to represent the interests of Russian electric industry in CIGRE in a complete and comprehensive way, and to contribute with the CIGRE activity to the professional and technical development of the Russian electric engineers, energy companies, scientific organizations, research institutes, educational bodies.

Members of RNC CIGRE are authorized:
- to participate in RNC CIGRE management;
- to participate on favorable terms in the events held by CIGRE and RNC CIGRE;
- to receive information on the CIGRE & RNC CIGRE activity necessary for their professional development;
- to be supported by RNC CIGRE in solving their professional issues and defending their interests in electric industry;
- to publish the results of their research studies and information about their professional occupation in the CIGRE editions;
- to receive expert assistance and consultations from RNC CIGRE;
- to use services (study results) of RNC CIGRE.

Members of RNC CIGRE are obliged:
- to observe the rules, regulations and procedures adopted by CIGRE and RNC CIGRE;
- to observe the conditions of the RNC CIGRE membership contract;
- to pay membership fees on time;
- to follow the decisions taken by the governing bodies of CIGRE and RNC CIGRE.

RNC CIGRE membership is granted to the founders of the legal entity:
- Corporation Integral Electric Power Complex
- Electric Energy System Association
- Energyprogress Publishing
- Russian Member Committee of World Energy Council

RNC CIGRE membership is open for Russian and foreign engineers, specialists, academics or researchers, legal entities, administrations, public and/or private industrial companies, scientific organizations, research institutes, educational bodies etc.

Membership is given based on the Praesidium decision. The Praesidium makes the decision based on the written application of the candidate presented by the Executive Director or the Secretary of RNC CIGRE.

Individuals enclose to their membership application an ID card (copy) and a short CV.

Legal entities apply for membership by an official letter signed by the head of company and enclose the following documents (copies):
- corporate documents;
- certificate on state registration of the legal entity;
- decision of the authorized body on applying for RNC CIGRE membership (if required).

Within 30-day term after the Praesidium decision the Committee informs the candidate about accepting or declining the membership application with noting the reasons.

Legal entities are obliged to sign the membership contract with RNC CIGRE.

RNC CIGRE member must inform the Committee of the decision to stop the membership by letter. RNC CIGRE member can be expelled from the Committee by the decision of other members and the Praesidium for crude violation of rules and/or actions damaging the reputation of the Committee. 

If you have any questions, please contact: