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The Assembly of RNC CIGRE carries out general management of RNC CIGRE and represents all the members of the Committee.

The competence of the Assembly includes the following issues:
- to define the top-priority strategic directions of the RNC CIGRE activity;
- to elect the Chairman of RNC CIGRE and to terminate early their authority;
- to elect the Honorary Chairman of RNC CIGRE;
- to appoint the Executive Director and to terminate early their authority;
- to establish the number of members of the RNC CIGRE Praesidium
- to elect the RNC CIGRE Praesidium and to terminate early their authority;
- to elect the Chairman of the Technical Committee and to terminate early their authority;
- to approve annual reports, financial reports, profits / losses balances;
- to distribute profits / losses of the RNC CIGRE.

The decisions of the Assembly on the issues put to vote are taken by the majority principle in presence of a quorum. The votes of the RNC CIGRE members (shareholders) at the Assembly are distributed ratably their membership fees.

The Assembly is held not less than once every two years. The unscheduled Assembly is to be held on the decision of the RNC CIGRE Praesidium. 

Latest News

Results of the Community members activity monitoring in 2016-2018 are available on the RNC CIGRE's website, congratulations to the winners!

As part of the Reporting Conference upon the 47th CIGRE Session, results of the Russian NC CIGRE community members activity analysis conducted for the first time using the key performance indicators for the reporting period from September 1, 2016 to September 1, 2018, were announced.


A. Murov speaks at the RNC CIGRE reporting conference

The Chairman of the Russian National Committee of CIGRE, the head of FGC UES Andrey Murov held a reporting conference on results of the 47th session of the international association. Participants discussed practical cases of the introduction of end-to-end digital technologies in the energy sector and the development of the manufacture of globally competitive electrical products in Russia.


Inter RAO: Industry Competence Center for Digital Transformation created in the field of electricity

The Inter RAO Group, Rosatom State Corporation and UES of Russia System Operator will establish the Digital Energy Industry Association of Digital Energy Development Organizations.


SC D1 RNC CIGRE at the 47th CIGRE Session

On 26–31 August, in Palais des Congres in Paris, the largest international event in power industry – the 47th CIGRE session – took place.


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