The governing bodies of RNC CIGRE are as follows:
- the Assembly, supreme governing body;
- the Praesidium, permanent collegial governing body;
- the Chairman of theTechnical Committee;
- the Chairman of RNC CIGRE.

The Chairman of RNC CIGRE is elected by the Assembly for the four-year term and carries out general management of the Committee as per the Statutes (except for the issues under the competency of the Assembly and the Praesidium). The RNC CIGRE Chairman ex officio presides over the Praesidium.

The Technical Committeegoverns scientific & research activity of RNC CIGRE.

The Executive Director of RNC CIGRE is appointed by the RNC CIGRE Chairman and the Assembly. The Executive Director acts on behalf of RNC CIGRE representing the Committees interests in all national and foreign entities and governmental bodies of all levels.

Andrey E. Murov
RNC CIGRE Chairman

Yuri V. Sharov
Technical Committee Chairman

Olga Y. Frolova
Executive Director