Inter RAO: Industry Competence Center for Digital Transformation created in the field of electricity

march 4, 2019

The Inter RAO Group, Rosatom State Corporation and UES of Russia System Operator will establish the Digital Energy Industry Association of Digital Energy Development Organizations. The nonprofit partnership will be the industry center of competence for the digital transformation of the industry. This decision was approved at a meeting chaired by First Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Alexei Teksler.

The Digital Energy Association is being created to unite the efforts of government bodies, the industry business community, and research and educational organizations in the power industry, as well as other participants in the digital transformation in a consolidated position on the digital development of the industry. In addition, it is assumed that laboratories will be created within the Association to study and test new digital technologies, equipment and software, integrated and platform solutions for power industry digitalization projects, and subsequent industrial implementation in Russia and beyond.

The format of the nonprofit organization in which the Association was established allows free entry into it on principles of the openness of other interested regulators and new organizations, both electric power industry infrastructure participants, including the Rosseti holding, network and sales organizations, and educational institutions and organizations.

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