Russia hosts joint meeting of supreme CIGRE management bodies for the first time

october 9, 2019

A joint meeting of the Steering Committee and the Technical Council of CIGRE, power industry's biggest international association, attended by its President, Rob Stephen, and Chairman of the Russian National Committee, Head of FGC UES (Rosseti Group), Andrey Murov, is taking place in Saint Petersburg.

It focuses on the strategic matters of corporate governance and the global trends of the industry. One of the key topics is preparation for the 48th Session of CIGRE, which be held in Paris in 2020. As part of the Day of Russia thematic block, an overview of the power system of the Russian Federation will be presented. The events involve representatives of Rosseti, SO UES, R&D Center at FGC UES, and equipment manufacturers.

"For almost 100 years now, CIGRE has been providing interaction between experts from all over the world to forecast and shape the main trends of development of power systems. Russia, and previously the USSR, began cooperating with CIGRE almost immediately after the Association has been established. Our cooperation has always been paid attention at the highest level," Andrei Murov said in his welcoming speech.

The session participants visited the 330 kV "Vasileostrovskaya" substation, which is part of the St. Petersburg power ring. The facility is fitted with cutting-edge power and switching equipment, including 330 kV and 110 kV gas-insulated switchgears. In 2017, "Vasileostrobskaya" became one of the first substations in Russia's Unified National Energy Grid converted to the remote control.

Earlier, the "Evolution of Energy Systems: A Global Perspective" panel session organized with support from Rosseti (FGC UES) and CIGRE took place at the International Forum "Russian Energy Week 2019". The discussion covered the managerial and technological transformations that will take place in the electrical power industry in the next 10-15 years: digitalization, replacement of conventional generation with renewable energy sources (RES), and complication of the market structure.

The International Council for High Voltage Electric Systems – CIGRE (Conseil International des Grands Réseaux Electriques – CIGRE) is the largest non-governmental organization in the field of electric power industry. Founded in 1921 in France, CIGRE today unites scientists and experts from 98 countries. Since 2018, the Council covers issues of all voltage classes following its new strategy "Approaching the second century".

Russian specialists have been participating in the association since 1923. Russia's National Committee of CIGRE has been working since 1957. Currently, it ranks first in Europe and fifth in the world in terms of involvement of market players in the association's work.

"Day of Russia" thematic block materials:

  • Overview of Russia's power system specifics, trends, challenges, new technologies - link.
  • Presentation by SO EPS - link.
  • Presentation by Market Council about the development of market mechanisms in Russia - link.
  • Presentation by RNC CIGRE Youth Section about the best practices and plans of work for the 48th CIGRE Session - link.

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