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NGN International Executive Committee Chair Election

31 July 2020

The Central Office CIGRE has shared the 2020 NGN International Executive Committee (IEC) Chair election results.  The results were validated by the Central Office according to the NGN IEC Guidelines.  The voting participation was very high as 18 of 21 eligible countries cast ballots. More >>

Ural Smart Energy Conference 2020

16 July 2020

13-15 November 2020 Ural Power Engineering Institute of Ural Federal University and the Youth Section of Russian NC of CIGRE organize a conference for scientists, researchers, developers and employees in the sphere Power & Energy Sector to promote share experiences and the latest achievements in the field of power systems. More >>

NGN Award 2020

10 July 2020

During the opening session of the Paris Session 2021, the NGN Significant Contribution Award will be awarded to up to five individuals who have made significant contributions to either a Working Group, Study Committee, National Committee NGN group, or for international NGN contributions. More >>

Water-filled windows could both heat and cool buildings

10 July 2020

Dr. Matyas Gutai, a lecturer in architecture at Loughborough University, believes that his "water-filled glass" (WFG) windows may address these limitations. More >>

Fluorinated membrane breaks a limit for capturing carbon dioxide

10 July 2020

Carbon dioxide is an all too common waste product of industry, belched into the air in huge amounts from smokestacks. Now, researchers have developed a new type of fluorinated membrane that can selectively filter CO2 out of flue gas at the point of release. More >>

Generator developed for harvesting energy from droplets

10 July 2020

Scientists of the University of Twente and South China Normal University designed an electrical generator that can harvest energy from impacting droplets and other sources of mechanical energy. More >>

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The Latest News

CIGRE Russia invites to take part in the surveys launched in preparation for the International Forum «Power Grids»

23-25 December 2020 will take place The "Power Grids" International Forum (PGIF). It held by the PJSC Rosseti since 2018 is a large-scale event in the electric power industry, which has become a platform for discussing and solving priority tasks related to the digital transformation of the electric grid complex.


Turning streetwear into solar power plants

Researchers at Empa and ETH Zurich succeeded in developing a material that works like a luminescent solar concentrator and can even be applied to textiles. This opens up numerous possibilities for producing energy directly where it is needed, i.e. in the use of everyday electronics.