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Ural Smart Energy Conference 2020

16 July 2020

13-15 November 2020 Ural Power Engineering Institute of Ural Federal University and the Youth Section of Russian NC of CIGRE organize a conference for scientists, researchers, developers and employees in the sphere Power & Energy Sector to promote share experiences and the latest achievements in the field of power systems. More >>

NGN Award 2020

10 July 2020

During the opening session of the Paris Session 2021, the NGN Significant Contribution Award will be awarded to up to five individuals who have made significant contributions to either a Working Group, Study Committee, National Committee NGN group, or for international NGN contributions. More >>

Water-filled windows could both heat and cool buildings

10 July 2020

Dr. Matyas Gutai, a lecturer in architecture at Loughborough University, believes that his "water-filled glass" (WFG) windows may address these limitations. More >>

Fluorinated membrane breaks a limit for capturing carbon dioxide

10 July 2020

Carbon dioxide is an all too common waste product of industry, belched into the air in huge amounts from smokestacks. Now, researchers have developed a new type of fluorinated membrane that can selectively filter CO2 out of flue gas at the point of release. More >>

Generator developed for harvesting energy from droplets

10 July 2020

Scientists of the University of Twente and South China Normal University designed an electrical generator that can harvest energy from impacting droplets and other sources of mechanical energy. More >>

Webinar: HVDC switchgears: Is it now time for revenge?

6 July 2020

This webinar highlights the recent progresses KEMA Labs made in the verification of key protection and control of components: HVDC circuit breakers and HVDC GIS. An overview will be given on the actual status of this technology, its standardization as well as its future developments. More >>

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The Latest News

Ural Federal University invites to participate in the next visionary lecture on implementation of smart power industry projects in Europe

The next visionary lecture of the ISMC UrFU is dedicated to the implementation of smart power industry projects in Europe. You will learn how smart energy systems are revolutionizing the science and technology right now. The world is waiting for fundamental changes in the power industry, which will change not only the industry itself, but also our life, because electricity is everything for us.


Webinar Global and UK Energy Challenges and Opportunities for Young Members

Webinar Global and UK Energy Challenges and Opportunities for Young Members with the participation of the CIGRE Chair Dr. Rob Stephen and the CIGRE UK Chair Adam Middleton.