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Next Generation Network Groups

The following countries have NGN groups:

Country Web-site
Australia link
Austria link
Brazil link
Canada link
Croatia link
France link
Finland link
Germany link
Greece link
Ireland link
Japan link
Netherlands link
New Zealand link
Romania link
Russia link
Slovenia link
South Africa link
United Kingdom link
United States link

The Latest News

NGN International Executive Committee Chair Election

The Central Office CIGRE has shared the 2020 NGN International Executive Committee (IEC) Chair election results.  The results were validated by the Central Office according to the NGN IEC Guidelines.  The voting participation was very high as 18 of 21 eligible countries cast ballots.


Ural Smart Energy Conference 2020

13-15 November 2020 Ural Power Engineering Institute of Ural Federal University and the Youth Section of Russian NC of CIGRE organize a conference for scientists, researchers, developers and employees in the sphere Power & Energy Sector to promote share experiences and the latest achievements in the field of power systems.