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Tesla quietly adds bidirectional charging capability for game-changing new features

22 May 2020

Electrek has learned that Tesla has quietly made Model 3, and likely Model Y, ready for bidirectional charging, which should enable some game-changing features in the near future. More >>

Ford files patent for an inflatable, solar-powered, EV-charging car shield

22 May 2020

The dream of a solar-self-charging electric vehicle lives on. A Ford patent application was published this week for a roof-mounted device that, with a flip of a switch, cocoons the entire parked vehicle in a shield of solar panels. The patent application was filed on November 8, 2019, and published on May 14, 2020. More >>

Experts Think The Coal Industry May Never Recover From The Pandemic, And We're Not Sad

22 May 2020

For the first time ever, official energy statistics from the US government show renewables are on track to generate more electricity than coal for the entire year of 2020, according to projections. More >>

Seychelles readies the world’s largest salt-water floating solar plant

8 May 2020

Located in the Indian Ocean archipelago, and with a population of just 25,400 souls, Seychelles is putting together the world’s largest floating solar power plant on saltwater — a project currently being developed by a consortium of companies. More >>

Tethered high-altitude drones designed to replace wind turbines

8 May 2020

Wind turbine towers have become a familiar sight in many parts of the world, but if Ampyx Power has its way, they could be replaced with fleets of tethered drones. More >>

Clear skies and social distancing help Europe shatter solar energy records

8 May 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is helping multiple countries in Europe set new records for solar energy generation. More >>

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The Latest News

CIGRE Russia invites to take part in the surveys launched in preparation for the International Forum «Power Grids»

23-25 December 2020 will take place The "Power Grids" International Forum (PGIF). It held by the PJSC Rosseti since 2018 is a large-scale event in the electric power industry, which has become a platform for discussing and solving priority tasks related to the digital transformation of the electric grid complex.


Turning streetwear into solar power plants

Researchers at Empa and ETH Zurich succeeded in developing a material that works like a luminescent solar concentrator and can even be applied to textiles. This opens up numerous possibilities for producing energy directly where it is needed, i.e. in the use of everyday electronics.