About the Conference

5th International scientific and technical conferenceActual trends in development of Power System Relay Protection and Automationwill take place on 15 June 2015, in Sochi (Russia).

The conference is aimed at discussing the current state and development perspectives of the Power System Protection, Automation and Emergency Control (RPA) systems. It should identify principal trends and methods of improving performance and increasing reliability of RPA on the basis of state-of-the-industry achievements and experience accumulated by international leading experts and Russian professionals in this area, as well as represented in the activities of CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems) Study Committee B5 Relay Protection and Automation and RNC CIGRE B5 Sub-Committee.

The organizers of the conference are Russian National Committee of the International Council on Large Electric Systems (RNC CIGRE), JSC System Operator of the United Power System (SO-UPS) and JSC Russian Relay Engineering Research Institute (VNIIR).

The conference is supported by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation and CIGRE Study Committee B5 Relay Protection and Automation.

The conference is biennial, and it has become traditional. In 2007 it was hold in Cheboksary, in 2009 in Moscow, in 2011 in Saint-Petersburg, in 2013 in Yekaterinburg.

The organizers welcome various energy sector professionals to participate in the Conference:

  • Professionals from the power industry companies and organizations that run RPA technical complexes,
  • Professionals from the leading research and development centers, engineering institutions and manufactures of RPA equipment,
  • Representatives of the specialized departments of the universities and higher education institutions.

Key topics of the Conference

  • Relay protection and automation for the next generation of electric power systems
  • Specific features of RPA for networks with distributed generation
  • The IEC 61850 Standard implementation practices
  • New generation of Smart Substations
  • Remote access and RPA cyber security issues
  • Ways of improving technical characteristics and reliability of RPA systems
  • Current trends in emergency and performance control systems development
  • WAMPAC application practices and development issues
  • Issues related to the implementation, operation and maintenance of the RPA systems based on the modern IEDs platforms

Language of the Conference

Conference official languages: Russian and English.


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