SC D1 RNC CIGRE at the 47th CIGRE Session

september 6, 2018

On 2631 August, in Palais des Congres in Paris, the largest international event in power industry the 47th CIGRE session took place. More than 3500 delegates and representatives of the worlds leading energy companies, research organizations, power equipment OEMs, regulators, materials suppliers to the power industry, design centers and universities participated in the event. Members of Local SC D1 Materials and Emerging Test Techniques also worked at the business program of the session.

Alexander Slavinsky, Doctor of Engineering Sc., Chairman of the Board of Directors at Izolyator, SC D1 CIGRE Regular Member, Head of Local SC D1 led the committees delegation.

Among the delegates of Local SC D1, there were:

  • Alexander Slavinsky, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Izolyator, SC D1 CIGRE Regular Member, Head of Local SC D1.
  • Ivan Panfilov, Commercial Director, 1st Deputy CEO at Izolyator,
  • Vladimir Ustinov, Deputy Quality Director at Izolyator, Coordinator of Local SC D1.
  • Marcel Garifullin, Professor, Deputy Chair, Power Systems and Networks Dpt of the Kazan State Power Engineering University, 
  • Vladimir Kozlov, Professor, Power Systems and Networks Dpt of the Kazan State Power Engineering University,
  • Irina Davydenkov, EngD, Professor, Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin, Yekaterinburg,
  • Valery Rusov, Chief Engineer at Dimrus Ltd., Perm,
  • Sergey Samoilenko, General Director at SuperOx CJSC, Moscow,
  • Alexander Kononenko, Head of Diagnostics and Testing of Electrical components of Nuclear power plants and facilities, NIIP, Lytkarino, Moscow region.

On the sidelines of CIGRE Session, several business meetings with representatives of the worlds leading power grid companies, electrical engineering groups and management of CIGREs study committees took place.

On 27 August, Alexander Slavinsky, participated in a business meeting of the leaders of CIGRE national committees of Russia and India. Chairman of Russian NC of CIGRE, Chairman of the Management Board of PJSC FGG UES Andrey Murov and Head of the Indian National Committee of CIGRE Indu Shekhar Jha (I. S. Jha) discussed cooperation of the two countries within this international organization.

Alexander Slavinsky also participated in a working meeting of FGC UES managements meeting with the state power corporation of Vietnam EVN NPT, where the current interaction within the Memorandum of Understanding between FGC UES and EVN NPT, signed during the Russian delegations visit to Vietnam in August 2017, was discussed.

Alexander Slavinsky and Vladimir Ustinov participated in the training sessions and programs, related to the fields of SC D1 research Instructions on adjustment of insulator characteristics in conditions of pollution, high humidity and altitude.

On 28 August, the delegates listened to 40 reports on the topics of SC D1 CIGRE Materials and Emerging Test Techniques, grouped as:

PT 1 Insulating Systems of HVDC

  • Measuring techniques for checking electric fields modeling.
  • New diagnostics for technical maintenance;
  • Experience and requirements to new techniques and standards of testing;
  • Compact insulating systems (direct and alternating current).

PT 2 Materials and aging

  • New loads, e.g. from power electronics;
  • Equipment, operating under high load, e.g. compact applications;
  • Materials with less degree of environmental impact.

PT 3 Testing, monitoring and diagnostics

  • Track record and added value of online-monitoring systems;
  • Reliability of equipment and systems of testing, monitoring and diagnostics;
  • In-depth assessment of condition.

SC D1 presented three reports from Russian members:

Using optical spectroscopy for quality control of mineral transformer oils. Authors Local SC D1 members: Professor M. Garifullin and Professor V. Kozlov;

Improving assessment of DGA using criteria of maximum permissible concentration of gases and degree of their growth. The reports was made by Local SC D1 member, Doctor of Engineer, Professor I. Davydenko. Co-authors: A. Moiseichenkov, K. Ovchinnikov (UFU n.a. First President of RF B.N.Eltsin, member of SC D1, V. Buzaev, PhD, V. Pelymsky (Rosseti PJSC);

Assessment of paper insulation condition on power transformers, using dissolved methanol level in transformer oil. The report was presented by Francesco Sciocchetti (CAMLIN, Italy). Author: L. Daryan, EngD (Technical inspection of UES CJSC). Co-authors: A. Maximchenko (Technical inspection of UES), R. Obraztsov, L. Le (Khanoi energy university, Vietnam).

At the poster session of SC D1 Materials and Emerging Test Techniques, the academic communities of the Ural Federal University and Kazan State Energy University presented findings of research that improved accuracy and ease of diagnostics of power transformers condition. Foreign colleagues saw a presentation of an expert system to assess the technical condition of power transformers, using the analysis of dissolved gases (Irina Davidenko, UFU) and capabilities of optical spectroscopy for the purposes of transformer insulation control (Vladimir Kozlov, KSEU). Many participants and visitors of the poster session showed interest to the findings of the Russian scientists.

On 28 August, a discussion meeting to consider issues of Preferred Topics of SC D1 CIGRE was held.

Each discussion brought together a great many of power industry experts from different countries, who had an opportunity to share results of their research with their colleagues and receive constructive suggestions on further development of their topics, also finding out about results of similar research projects in other countries. Representatives of Local SC D1 took part in the discussion meeting about SC D1 CIGRE reports.

On 29 August, a meeting of SC D1 CIGRE took place. The chair persons of JWG and WG groups made reports about the work of consultative and work groups. Representatives of study committee Local SC D1 took part in that meeting as visitors.

During the meeting, Alexander Slavinsky and Chairman of SC D1 CIGRE Ralf Pitch exchanged opinions on the prospects of interaction development. Alexander Slavinsky informed R. Pitch about the work of the study committee D1 in Russia, key achievements of the Russian specialists and raised the issue of organizing a colloquium in Moscow. Alexander Slavinsky informed R. Pitch about an agreement with SC A3 to plan a joint colloquium in Moscow in 2023.

Besides, the 47th CIGRE session included a technical exhibition, with over 300 exponents from 33 countries participating. Member of Local SC D1, corporate member of RNC CIGRE SuperOx CJSC showed unique solutions for power industry at the exhibition: HTSC current limiting device, developed on the basis of the companys key products 2nd generation HTSC wire.

The overall result of Local SC D1 CIGREs delegation at the 47th CIGRE session in the result of all meetings were expansion of international ties to develop the scientific and technical exchanges, productive dialogue on important issues of the global power industry development, reaching agreements and planning further cooperation in the areas of SC D1 research.

For more information about the work at the 47th CIGRE session and meetings of the study committee D1 Materials and Emerging Test Techniques, please address the report on RNC CIGRE webpage.

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