A book by A. Khrennikov Diagnostics of Electrical Equipment Faults and Power Overhead Transmission Line Condition by Monitoring Systems (Smart Grid) released in English

september 29, 2017

The New York publisher Nova publishers released a book by a Russian National Committee (RNC CIGRE) member Alexander Khrennikov (Scientific & Research Centre of Federal Grid Company, United Energy System, Moscow, Russia) Diagnostics of Electrical Equipment Faults and Power Overhead Transmission Line Condition by Monitoring Systems (Smart Grid): Short-Circuit Testing Of Power Transformershttps://www.novapublishers.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=56561

The book is based on previous researches of the author, which were carried out during the work in the branch of the VEI in Togliatti (Powerful Testing Laboratory), in JSC Samaraenergo, in JSC FGC UES and in JSC "STC FGC UES".

This paper presents theoretical aspects of short-circuit performance of power transformers, transformer testing experience & short current testing laboratories & high-voltage thyristor valve for electrodynamic test. The questions of original applications experience of LVI-testing, Frequency Response Analysis (FRA) to check the condition of transformer windings, infra-red control, ultraviolet control, Partial discharges (PD) for the insulation monitoring of electrical equipment are examined in this book.

The LVI method and short-circuit inductive reactance measurements are sensitive for detecting such faults as radial, axial winding deformations, a twisting of low-voltage or regulating winding, a losing of windings pressing and others. The most important elements of intellectual networks (Smart Grid) are the systems of monitoring the parameters of electrical equipment. Information-measuring systems (IMS), which described in this paper, were proposed to use together with rapid digital protection against short-circuit regimes in transformer windings. High-voltage electrical equipment with the SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride) gas insulation, analysis of accident rate and service experience are represented.

Book is intended for the leaders and the specialists of the technical service enterprises of electrical and distribution networks and electrical stations, students of higher educational institutions, students of the courses of an increase in the qualification of power engineers, researchers & scientists in the field of electrical engineering.

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