CIGRE leaders meet Russia NGN members at REW-2019

october 9, 2019

The event was attended by CIGRE leaders, including Marcio Szechtman, Head of Technical Committee, Philippe Adam, General Secretary, and Adam Middleton, Head of UK National Committee. From the Russian side, the meeting was joined by representatives of FGC UES (Rosseti Group), NRU MPEI, Association "ERA of Energy", and 20 young specialists and students of Russian universities.

The most active members of the Russia NGN were invited to the meeting, including students of NRU MPEI, Ural Federal University, Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, Novosibirsk State Technical University, North-Caucasus Federal University, and Samara State Technical University.

The CIGRE leaders were asked questions from the participants of the meeting, as well as the questions received at the Russian NC website, Russia NGN's social networks and media partners. Key topics included digitalization, cybersecurity and sustainable development of the power industry, including environmental issues. In addition, the ideas and proposals of the participants of the meeting to promote CIGRE among young people were also discussed.

CIGRE is one of the most respected scientific and technical associations in the world, bringing together scientists and experts from 98 countries. Russian specialists have been participating in its work since 1923. Since 2015, the Russian National Committee of CIGRE has been headed by Andrey Murov, Chairman of the Board of FGC UES. The REW-2019 also featured the panel session titled "The Evolution of Energy Systems: A Global Perspective" supported by the company and CIGRE.

Russia NGN is a special program for students, bachelors and magistrands of Russian technical universities, post-graduate students and young scientists studying electric engineering. Currently, the Youth Section of the Russian NC is the largest in the world – about 5 thousand people participate in its events annually.

List of participants: link.

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The meeting was attended by chief executives of companies - leading scientific and technical partners of National Study Committees: FGC UES, JSC R&D Center FGC UES, SO UES, Inter RAO, NP Market Council, MPEI, leading manufacturers of electrical equipment, etc.


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